Innovative regional cluster Pharmaceuticals, medical technology and information technologies of Tomsk region

The innovative regional cluster Pharmaceuticals, medical technology and information technologies was established in 2012 (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation DM-P8-5060 of 28.08.2012. On approval of the list of innovative regional clusters).


Effective combination of cluster-wide cooperation and internal competition, and the network nature of competitor interaction (innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, scientific and educational institutions) allow the creation of a result-oriented network for the expansion new knowledge, technologies and innovations.

Achievement of a synergistic effect: in particular, improving the competitiveness of enterprises and organizations in the cluster and Tomsk region as a whole.


Overcoming the narrow focus of the regional market by harnessing the potential of R&D;

Creating a globally competitive research and technological environment at the local level;

Creating products which are not only competitive in the world market, but also radically new;

Expansion of strategic cooperation: the cluster must include not only enterprises, research organizations and universities, but also venture capital funds and other intermediate structures, providing  a synergistic effect of mutual support for the production of  innovative products and services;

Development of cooperation between related clusters in other regions and countries;

Attracting investment for the development of the companies in the cluster; searching for global partners for the formation of joint ventures;

Support of existing and new small and medium-sized innovative export-oriented enterprises;

Organization and realization of specialized training programs, preparation of highly qualified specialists for further work on the creation and development of high technologies in the country;

Import substitution, income increase from export and investment flows;

Stimulation of the enterprises growth with technological base;

Formation of a business culture;

Sustainable development of the region, advanced development of small and medium-sized business; creating of new jobs.


Today, there are 246 companies in the territorial innovative cluster Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, 43 of them are residents of the Tomsk SEZ,13 are companies and organizations of Akademgorodok. 104 companies carry out activities in Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and 142 companies in Information technologies and electronics.

In November 2014 Tomsk region was included in the top five of the 25 regions that following the results of the contest MEDT of Russia will receive grants to co-finance cluster projects. For the development of the territorial cluster 197.5 million rubles was allocated from the federal budget.

In January 23, 2015 the governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin signed a decree on the Board of the Cluster, the document defines the basic principles and regulations of the work in the area of Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and information technologies.

Top cluster directions

1. Pharmaceuticals:

Creation of drug substances based on substances obtained by chemical synthesis, biotechnology and based on naturally occurring substances;

Development and creation of import-substituting generics and innovative medicinal products for the prevention and treatment of socially significant diseases;

Organization of drug production in accordance with GMP standards;

Development and production of radiopharmaceutical medicinal products, as well as initial components for them;

Creation of medicinal products for regenerative medicine;

Introduction of modern research techniques, in the field of research the creating and study of new medicinal products;

Creation of a center for preclinical and clinical research on innovative and import-substituting medicinal products;

Organization and conducting of preclinical and clinical research on new medicinal products in accordance with international requirements;

Development and commercialization of laboratory and experimental-industrial technologies for producing pharmaceutical substances and medicinal products;

Development and production of immunomodulatory and stimulative compositions for dietary, preventive and functional nutrition;

Development and production of disinfectants for use in medicine and pharmacy;

Development of biologically active additives.

2. Medical equipment:

Development and production of diagnostic equipment and products with a high degree of visualization;

Development of technologies and production of systems for clinical and diagnostic research (clinical and diagnostic equipment and expendables);

Development and production of equipment and products for nuclear medicine;

Development of technology and production of products for surgery (endoscopic equipment, medical equipment, instruments, sutural and expendables, products for cryosurgery);

Development and production of equipment and products for the treatment;

Development of technology and equipment and production of artificial and grown organs, prostheses, orthoses, endoprostheses, implants, innovative materials for medical devices;

Development and production of technical means for patients rehabilitation;

Development and production of sterilization equipment;

Development and production of equipment for personalized medicine.


3. Information technologies:

Development, design, testing and implementation of medical information systems, systems for telemedicine;

Creation and implementation of information technologies for decision support and project, processes management in medicine and health care, as well as in other areas;

Creation of information technologies for collecting, processing, storing and transmission of data, including health care;

Creation and implementation of technologies and systems of mental analysis and data visualization, including medical ones;

Development of application-dependent software in the field of genetics, biology and medicine;

Development and modification of pluggable software for devices including medical ones;

Development and verification of mathematical models and systems of modeling processes, including biological ones;

Creating, designing, commercialization and manufacturing other information technologies, electronic devices, communication devices, services.