Intellectual property as the main object in the innovative market 21 December 2015 12:18

Intellectual property can be called the main object in the innovative market, along with goods or services. Unfortunately, most enterprises do not think about protecting their rights to the results of their research activities. Questions begin to arise when a product enters into the market and during competition. Why do knowledge-intensive companies need to protect their intellectual property?

Tomsk scientists are designing a device for treating cataracts 10 December 2015 10:55

Tomsk scientists are designing a surgical device for the mechanical destruction of a lens which will help to conduct less traumatic surgeries on cataract extraction.   

In 2015 Tomsk region has supported scientific research projects with 3.7 million rubles 09 December 2015 18:31

In 2015, Tomsk Region Administration has supported four scientific and research projects in the sphere of agriculture, information technology and chemical industries. The total amount of the support comprised 3.7 million rubles.

Free Energy company produces a new version of LOTOS 08 December 2015 10:44

The Tomsk company Free Energy has produced a new version of the current power supply for the energy source control system LOTOS with additional functions and improved design.

Tomsk television system of peering broadcasting is used in Thailand 07 December 2015 15:55

In 2015, TV operators and internet providers in the USA, Greece, Thailand, the Baltic states, and Cyprus in particular, implemented a system of adaptive peering broadcasting developed at Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) and Tomsk company Elekard, said Vladislav Marchenko, head of the laboratory of processing and broadcasting of multimedia date of TUSUR,  to RIA Tomsk.