In 2015 Tomsk region has supported scientific research projects with 3.7 million rubles

In 2015, Tomsk Region Administration has supported four scientific and research projects in the sphere of agriculture, information technology and chemical industries. The total amount of the support comprised 3.7 million rubles. 


The support was received by a scientific and research project designed to create systems for forming and transferring information from self-governing authorities of municipal corporations to the territorial informational system of Tomsk region. The foundation of such a system will enable an increase in management efficiency, providing for cooperation of regulatory bodies of all levels, and introducing principles of openness and information availability for citizens.

According to the results of a scientific research project in the sphere of precise agriculture, new data have been obtained about the condition of soils of the farm business Mezheninovskaya, with lands of a total area of 522 hectares, where 406,1 hectares are cropland. A new electronic map of the territory was made, as well as schemes of fertilizer dressing and recommendations for households. The application of technologies of precise agriculture will contribute to cost cutting by means of fuel and material economy as well as increasing productivity, the quality and ecological characteristics of the production.

One more project is connected with the development of a computer-based information service for monitoring and forecasting the personnel demands of the economic sectors of Tomsk region. The system will enable the calculating of labor force parameters and the system of professional education in Tomsk region for a projection period up to 20 years.

Scientists of Tomsk State University have developed technology for acquiring boron trifluoride, which is as good in its characteristics as foreign analogues. The mastering of the production of trifluoride in SCF matches the strategy of fluoride technology development in Tomsk region and is included into the concept of INO Tomsk.