Petrochemical cluster


The creation and development of an innovative infrastructure platform, bringing together the maximum number of competencies in the field of petrochemicals.

The growth of international competitiveness of the organizations participating in the petrochemical cluster.


· Organizational cluster development and strengthening cooperative relations between the participants

· Development of innovative capacity and the R&D sector

· Development of production capacity and expansion of the market share of products and the      services of the cluster participants

· Human resource development

· Creating a common brand and increasing of cluster awareness

· Development of international cooperation

· Development of relations with the authorities

The cluster was established in 2015

The main products of companies participating in the cluster:

- polypropylene

- polyethylene

- methanol

- carbamide-formaldehyde concentrate

- formalin

- industrial gases

- oil products (gasoline, gas oil, fuel oil, diesel fuel, etc.)

- polypropylene films for packaging

- polymer composition materials

- reagents for drilling rigs

- rubber shoes

- technical rubber products (speed control bumps, tile blocks for the surfaces of sport fields, creating of sidewalks, paths, floors of industrial establishments)

- office production made of polypropylene