Catalogue of scientific and engineering opportunities

Tomsk Regional Center for the Collective Use of Scientific Equipment

Created in 2006 on the basis of an agreement on a consortium between Tomsk State University and the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS. The center combines 8 specialized centers of TSU, NanoTech, and the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS.


  • High performance cluster calculations
  • Geology
  • Studying of the ionosphere
  • Materials science
  • Microbiology
  • Nano safety
  • Radio measurement
  • Physical and chemical analysis

Innovative Scientific and Study Center of Advanced Training of Specialists in Non-Destructive Control and Diagnosis (CNC TPU)


  • Machinery and equipment for scientific research, non-destructive investigation and technical diagnostics from the leading foreign and domestic manufacturers, unique in its characteristics, training, and simulated, modeling and test platform stands for education and scientific research.
  • Licensed software packages for research, modeling, and calculations of interaction physical fields with matter.

Center of Calculations for Material Properties (COCMP)

COCMP conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of:

  • New materials and coatings, the technologies of fascicular and plasmatic modifications properties of materials
  • Technological equipment ;
  • Security of conditions for the use of modern analytical equipment by regional scientific and educational organizations in conducting comprehensive studies of physical and exploitation properties of materials;
  • Assistance in the development innovative activity and the training of highly qualified scientific and engineering employees

Center of Collective Use Supercomputer cluster (COCU SCC)

Provides access to information-computer cluster resources in order to accomplish high-performance calculations in the process of modeling the objects of different nature and subject areas.

Medical Genomics Scientific Research Institute of Medical Genetics SB RAMS

The Medical Genomics CCU provides a wide range of services in the field of molecular genetic research and has all the necessary equipment for accomplishing a wide range of molecular genetic research.

Hardware and software measurement and investigation of the parameters of ultra-wideband HF and pulsed method SHF devices (Impulse CCU)

The main focus of the Impulse CCU is providing research and services to researchers and research teams as well as Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics and other interested users in the following areas:

  • Exploration of new light sources based on semiconductor diodes for the development of energy saving fields;
  • Inventing the methods and hardware and software for measuring vector parameters of devices, HF and SHF diapasons during impulse action;
  • Development of a new direction non- linear pulsed reflectometry;
  • ;
  • Measuring the parameters of the diodes, HF and SHF devices classical methods with transition to the implementation TDR- procedures.

Center of Collective Use Hardware and Software information protection, anti-terror and information security (CCU CIB)

Research directions:

  • Security and counter-terrorism
  • Live systems;
  • Information and telecommunication systems

Materials science center of collective use

Center of Collective Use of the Institute of High Current Electronics SB RAS

Research directions:

  • Fundamental research in the field of pulsed energetics, construction of new large pulsed (gigawatt and terawatt power level) electrical installations for fundamental research and technological applications.
  • The development of physical foundations for receiving high-power pulsed streams of charged particles, super high frequency, optical (including femtosecond laser pulses petawatt power) and X-ray radiation. Subsequent invention of new tools, devices and technologies.
  • The development of the physical fundamentals of receiving low-temperature plasmas with specified and controlled parameters and their use in industrial processes. Subsequent invention of new electronic and plasmatic, laboratory and technological equipment.
  • The invention of physical principles electronic ion plasmatic technologies for receiving nano-structured blankets and coatings on materials and products in order to improve their physical, chemical and functional characteristics, using them in industry, biology and medicine.

Center of Collective Use Atmosphere

The center engages in fundamental and applied research in the field of atmosphere optics to study the whole complex of interaction problems of optical radiation in which it enlarges; it develops tools and methods for optical diagnostics of the state of objects in the environment.